Our Businesses

Exploration & Production

Exploration and production of oil and gas is critical for India's energy security and economic growth. Reliance's oil and gas exploration and production business is therefore inexorably linked with the national imperative.Know More

Petroleum Refining & Marketing

Petroleum refining and retailing is the second link in Reliance's drive for growth and global leadership in the core energy and materials value chain. Know More


With state-of-the-art petrochemical plants, RIL has ensured that growth always remains on a fast-track. We are now one of the world’s leading producer of petrochemicals and continue to set global benchmarks.Know More


With the commissioning of new investments in design, modern weaving, state-of-the-art finishing equipment, RIL continues to operate as one of the most modern textile complexes in Asia.Know More


Our vision is to generate inclusive growth and prosperity for farmers, vendor partners, shopkeepers and consumers. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) was set up to lead Reliance Group’s foray into organised retail.Know More



Our vision for India is that broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item – a scarce commodity. We believe that Reliance Jio initiative will radically transform the lives of 1.2 billion Indians.Know More

Opportunities at RIL

The growth of Reliance Industries from a small trading company into a Fortune 500 global business conglomerate in just over one generation is a story of ambition, growth, and entrepreneurial vision. We have a turnover of nearly USD 66.8 billion and a net profit of over USD 3.9 billion. Not only are we the biggest private sector company in India with a market capitalisation of over USD 78 billion, but also we are growing at an unprecedented rate. In the past decade, our revenues have grown more than tenfold. We have an astounding CAGR of 21 per cent. From oil and gas to refining and marketing, to petrochemicals and retail and special economic zones, our products and services energise India and enhance lives.

Students & Graduates

What matters is not what is on offer but what you can create with the fire of your ambition. If you can discover your passion, we can match it with an opportunity.

A world-class organisation not only wants world class people but also those who defy convention and are driven by a desire to excel. We welcome excellent people from premier institutions, as also top quality people from India's hinterland.

At Reliance, we are committed to creating one of the world's most people-friendly, performance-driven, and process-efficient learning organisations, where the best and the brightest work together to create a responsive, respectful and delightful work environment.

Experienced Professionals

Reliance believes in young leaders and is looking for more of them. It encourages individuals to achieve great heights at a fast pace, even as it cherishes the wisdom of its senior leaders. At Reliance, you get to work with the sharpest brains in each of our businesses that provide unmatched scale, variety and scope.

With our inclusive DNA, we are looking for people with different perspectives, ideas, experiences and backgrounds to bring infectious dynamism to the organisation.

We recognise the value of each and every individual because we strongly believe that only great people make great organisations. Right from our mentoring to our networking programs, you meet people who help you discover your way in Reliance.

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