Research and Technology Development

Technology has been central to everything Reliance has ever done. From our very first textile plant to the world’s largest greenfield refinery to our latest telecom business Jio – all utilise the best available technology to create timeless assets that give long-term returns to stakeholders.

Reliance is actively involved in the development of novel and proprietary catalysts, processes and products to improve profitability and accelerate our growth. Our company has transitioned from a smart buyer of technology to a fast customizer of technology and is a flagship developer which provides business leadership through largely in-house developed technology that creates significant value. R&D enables the innovation based growth agenda for Reliance.

Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities are headquartered in Navi Mumbai, with regional R&D Centres spread across India. With a total area of 300,000 square feet including 120,000 square feet of laboratory space, our R&D centres are among the best equipped in the country. An impressive array of advanced equipment is available to more than 800 researchers and scientists round-the-clock.

RIL has emerged as an active patent filer in India in very brief time. In terms of filing activity, in FY 2015-16 alone there were 98 Indian patent applications filed at Indian patent office as compared to 35 filed in 2011-12 which is almost 3 fold growth in last 4 year period.

Concerted Collaboration

As a part of our ongoing open innovation initiatives, Reliance is actively collaborating with various international and national institutions for R&D related activities. Some of the key partners are:

Reliance – CSIR-IIP Joint Technology Development

An exceptional example of the ‘Make-In-India’ initiative is the Reliance- Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-Indian Institute of Petroleum Joint Technology Development for Benzene Extraction from FCC Light Naphtha.

This venture targets the reduction of the amount of Benzene and other hazardous air pollutants in the gasoline pool – a cause for health and environmental concerns.

With the successful construction and flawless commissioning of Benzene Recovery Unit (BRU), Reliance & CSIR-IIP have joined the international league of technology developers.

Reliance – NMITLI Fuel Cell Technology Joint Development

Reliance is the sole industry partner in the New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) project with Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) on indigenous ‘Polymer Electrolyte Membrane’ (PEM) fuel cell technology development. After successful lab-scale demonstration of PEM fuel cell technology at a lower power, a bigger scaled-up cell of 3 kilowatt-electric (kWe) capacity has been designed. A fuel cell test bed is being built, for which the engineering has been done by RIL, while the stack is built by its CSIR partner. These components have been integrated and are now functional. The assembly is undergoing testing.


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
Florida State University
IITB-Monash Research Academy
IIT Madras
IIT Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Kansas State University
Korea Institute of Energy Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
National University of Singapore
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Delaware
University of Delhi

Selected R&D Projects

R&D Centres & Focus Areas

Our R&D centres focus on catalysis, chemistry, process engineering, modelling, simulation, applied physics, material science, synthetic biology, biotechnology, downstream polymer processing, reaction engineering, advanced analytical sciences and product applications. In the near future, we will significantly increase the ability to explore technology options and reducing technology development time cycles.

Centre Focus Areas
Mumbai Catalysis, chemistry, process engineering, modeling, simulation, material science, synthetic biology, biotechnology, downstream polymer processing, product applications and advanced analytical
Hazira Polypropylene catalysis, and pilot scale testing
Vadodara Catalysts, adsorbents, organic chemistry, process development, applied biology, environmental science, and polymer applications and technologies, elastomer application and technologies
Patalganga Polyester materials, processes, products, and applications
Jamnagar Crude characterisation, process research, and pilot scale facilities for supporting refining operations and renewable energy technology development
Gagva Pilot plants in over 40 acres of land to develop algae on sea water and convert biomass to biofuel
Samalkot Biotechnology for biofuels
Naroda Performance properties for apparel fabrics and auto textiles

Awards & Recognition

  • 2018

    Best Innovation in R&D Institute for development and commercialization of in-house technology for low cost anti-coking & sulfiding additive for gas/naphtha cracker & hydrotreater catalyst by Centre for High Technology (CHT) & Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

  • 2017

    8th PLASTICON Award for Innovation in Green Technology for ‘High Energy Efficient & Zero Residue Process For High Performance Catalyst For Producing Homo & Impact PP’

  • 2017

    Product Innovator of the Year in Petrochemical Sector by FICCI for ‘Indigenous Technology for Polypropylene Catalyst & External Donor system for Raffia grade’

  • 2017

    7th National Award for Technology Innovation In Polymeric Material for developing ‘Novel Polyethylene and Its High Thermally Conductive Product For Electronic Applications’ by Indian Ministry for Chemicals and Fertilizers

  • 2017

    VASVIK Industrial Research Award for ‘Outstanding contributions to chemical sciences & technology and commercialization of R&D developed technologies in India’

  • 2017

    ICC Award for ‘Excellence in Process Design and Engineering’ for development and commercialization of indigenous technology for benzene recovery from FCC gasoline

  • 2016

    6th National Award for Technology Innovation in Field Polymer Science for ‘High Performance Morphological Catalyst and Precursor Technology’

  • 2016

    6th National Runner Up Award for Technology Innovation in Polymeric Material for ‘Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene’

  • 2015

    5th National Award for Technology Innovation in Innovation in Polymeric Material for ‘Value addition to Sulfur Streams through Sulfur Based Polymers: Sulfur Concrete’

  • 2015

    Federation of Gujarat Industries’ Award for ‘Excellence in Research in Science and Technology’

  • 2012

    Indian Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers (Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals) 3rd National Award for Technology Innovation in Petrochemical and Downstream Plastic Processing Industry for ‘Polymers in Agriculture and Water Conservation’

  • 2013

    Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering ICI award for Excellence in Process and Product Development

  • 2013

    Petroleum Federation of India’s Best Innovation Award

  • 2012

    Indian Chemical Council Award for Excellence in Plant Design & Engineering

  • 2014

    Indian Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers (Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals) 4th National Award for Technology Innovation in Petrochemical and Downstream Plastic Processing Industry for ‘Innovation in Polymeric Materials’

  • 2011

    Vasvik Research Award for ‘Excellence in Science, Technology & Technological Innovation for development of RELCAT & RELD Series of Catalysts’

  • 2009

    R&D Magazine- Lab of the year Award for ‘Renovation of Lab Design, Layout, Ambient Environment and Cost Saving; Catalyst & Materials Reliance Technology Centre, Hazira Complex, Surat’

  • 2009

    Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Bhageerath Award for ‘Excellence in the Fields of Water and Wastewater Management’

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